Arnau Boix trabajando en el diseño inclusivo

Arnau Boix i Pla

Inclusive design for the built environment

I am an architect, a designer, with the strong belief that the result of my job needs to improve people's quality of life. My focus is on the relation between human-beings and the built environment. On how people with different abilities sense cities and architecture.

I am an enthusiast of collaborative design for interior architecture and for the public realm, since human interaction drives environment perception in both cases. I find working in transdisciplinary teams essential to deal with complexity on urban and architectural projects. Everybody involved on a process contribute in a greater or lesser extent to the result of a spatial transformation, that's why the qualities that I claim are respect and closeness, organization and determination, and emotional involvement with common purposes.

I am engaged with estel* initiative (social strategies for the public realm), a widely inclusive innovative project on urban analysis focused on people activity and its involvement on decision-making. Further information on


NATURBÀ. Barcelona Collserola, una relació retrobada.
[Proposal for Gate 4b, Les Planes]
Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya, 2015.

Paper Pla estel* BIAFORUM 2014 (PDF)
[Paper for Biaforum 2014 congress - BIA Urban Regeneration Forum]
BIA (Bilbao Bizkaia Architecture), 2014.

Rehabitar: el projecte des de dins.(PDF)
[Interior Design Master thesis, UPC Foundation (Class 08/09), Polytechnic University of Catalonia]
Arnau Boix, 2009.